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About Us

Launched in 2019, PHASE is an emerging streetwear brand that harnesses the power of visual storytelling through modes of fashion and design. Established by Founder and Creative Director Willeen "Willy" Capehart, the Providence-based clothing company is a culmination of transitory yet defining periods within the designer's life.


Drawing inspiration from these experiences, the idea for PHASE was conceived and later evolved into one of the fastest-growing streetwear brands in the industry. Without any prior experience in fashion, Capehart worked three jobs to save up for the brand's debut collection, "The Motherland"-- a selection that features a modern twist on the nostalgic ‘90s baggy trend.

Marked by dark and emotive color palettes complemented by bold yet playful symbols, PHASE highlights elements of identity, culture and the human condition. The clothing line has since released a number of collections featuring items worn by various notable celebrities and athletes.

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